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Animation Model & Effects designer; With exceptional knowledge and proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, providing the capacity to generate design, vector clean up, and color simultaneously. Conceptual Design Artist 17yrs Studio experience, 4yrs Live action Art dept, set design, & storyboards. 4yrs Commercial graphics designer; 10 yrs muralist & painter.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Some of the characters I designed for one of the five shorts I co created in 2013.
                                  Little creatures on a journey to a bigger world!

a quick tonal investigation into landscape...

Their world was all in one tiny lab dish...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Automotive & Mech Concept Design/ CS4 Rendering

I took some concept design classes at CDA in Pasadena. Learned a bit more about industrial design applications, vehicle and mech design.  One of the stages after the rough was tonal values...

Then we went onto color, texture, atmosphere and lighting...

I started the rough thinking about a bird and a jet (for the family of shapes)  and then built the mech structure backwards from the silhouette, and created a tonal palette.
It came out looking pretty cool... the class instructor was happy to see this.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sausage Party Vis Dev

I did some visual development for the R rated animated movie Sausage Party. 
It takes place in a grocery store that is basically like the City of New york, with Brownstone shopping aisles, different grocery departments as various cultural neighborhoods etc.
My job was to set a visual style. With Cg rendered layouts, making sure there was a cohesive style running throughout all the locations in the feature... 

Then I went into the details of the CG sets, creating a few archetypes of asymmetrical shapes that once built, could be multiplied in various ways still using the same shapes, but still having variation..

Here are the fonts I created for use throughout the film,
either of these custom fonts is easily modified to fit many different visual needs. 

Annoying Orange (Production Design)

I was the Production Designer on the the Annoying Orange series, this was an amazing learning experience where I was running two departments, one Live action team where we built the sets, models, miniature landscapes and greenscreen shots, then another team was digital, and did all the characters, photoshopped sets, animation, compositing editing and effects.  I used every single creative resource and all my artistic experience I had on this job, from drawing to communicate to set builders to designing pitching, reviewing the art directors asset uploads daily, sourcing materials and actually  building all the practical elements.  
Here's one of the first designs I did, from rough to actually on set...

The digital departments work looked like this, a million times over...
alot of the digital sets functioned for multiple shots from the script, so many as locations as can be fit into one design was the way we did it...

Whew! that was  a whirlwind production! Im really happy to have worked with everyone on that show and to have seen it pull some decent ratings on Cartoon Network. It gave me a genuine sense of what it means to have a reliable design crew, and how everyones talent comes into play in the final product.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Maya/Lightwave Built Designs

There is alot of designs Ive done over the years where the shot or scene required that the animation was computer generated, so sometimes my designs go into this mechanical style that comes out looking like these...