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Animation Model & Effects designer; With exceptional knowledge and proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, providing the capacity to generate design, vector clean up, and color simultaneously. Conceptual Design Artist 17yrs Studio experience, 4yrs Live action Art dept, set design, & storyboards. 4yrs Commercial graphics designer; 10 yrs muralist & painter.

Monday, April 19, 2010

2D Effects Design (Vector Art-drawn and painted on Cintiq in Illustrator)

I love effects, there is something about feeling the movement when you design them that has always  made them so fun to draw. I primarily design place and things, so when my designs move move it is usually for a specific story point or reason. When you play with color and key animation poses it really comes to life.


  1. These are such beautiful fx– thank you for posting! I've recently decided to start teaching myself 2D fx, but have found very little in the way of reference/how-to. Any tips?

  2. Hello,
    Good work Amber. I'm in the process in completeing my FX show reel at the moment. So was good to check out your designs.

    Hey McKay,
    Checkout theses guys Michel Gagne, Joseph Gilland, Ryan Woodward, Chris Graf, Anaoki Araiza all great effects artists. Plus check out Flash FX website it has tones of great effects and links to other FX artists.

    Oh and check out my blog

    All the best!