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Animation Model & Effects designer; With exceptional knowledge and proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, providing the capacity to generate design, vector clean up, and color simultaneously. Conceptual Design Artist 17yrs Studio experience, 4yrs Live action Art dept, set design, & storyboards. 4yrs Commercial graphics designer; 10 yrs muralist & painter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

This is where all my drawing comes from, its the keystone, and beginning of my artistic career...

The first is a piece I did for a charity Project Art Block for Ghana, and The Picture Book Project, benefits going to orphanages in third world countries.  Jeffrey Katzenberg did the forward on the book that Rachel put together with artists from all over the Animation world.

I used to paint on movie sets in my late teens and early twenties, -thats how I got into the set designs you see in the prior post. Heres some examples of the kind of street art I did back then...

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